Sunday, May 16, 2004

Lazy Sunday Morning

Sunday morning -- tried to sleep late but couldn't (darn that internal clock anyway). So I read a book by Robyn Carr -- excellent, if you like romances that aren't too gooey. Great characters and development, although some of them weren't on stage enough to really get to know them. I need to fix my other computer but it's not really something I'm good at, so I'm procrastinating and adding to my blog on Dean's computer. Which would probably make him angry because he's out working and he seems to have developed the typical guy disease of thinking that because HE'S working, everyone else has to work too (this despite the fact that I work two jobs -- three if you count ebay -- and he doesn't pay me a dime toward the house. He does, however, do repair work on the house for me gratis...which I think evens out, but he doesn't -- probably one more reason he needs to move out -- yes, I know -- I don't want him to move out, but I do want him to move out -- I'll be glad when I make up my mind what I DO want). I really need to fix my computer so I can list some more ebay stuff because it's coming out my ears almost. I've gone through it and intend to put some of it in Bev's garage sale at the end of the month, but I'm not going to do that with anything that I think I can make $10 on.

I guess I am tired of being criticized when I don't criticize anyone. I am tired of paying for everything and having that taken for granted. I am tired of NO SEX.

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