Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Moon Woman Art

Well, the latest didn't sell -- but my son tells me he wants it, so at least it has a home. Too bad; it certainly looked cool to me. But I think people who list a lot gain a following and then are more likely to sell more. I know there are some artists I bought from when they were new and now their paintings are not affordable for me. So I'll keep on...just not enought time to paint, and I'm not a fast painter.

I thought it might help as well if I started an alternate ebay name...Moon Woman Art fits, as one picture I paint over and over in different ways is the Moon Goddess. I've been painting and drawing her since high school. Plus then my art doesn't get lost in my other listings.

My latest is too surreal for my kids -- they tell me it's weird. This is a dryad, or maybe a woman who's become petrified, anyway, it's a tree that looks like a woman or a woman who's become a tree. In her branches (hands and hair) are many different colored birds hiding in the leaves. I haven't figured out yet what to do with the ground the tree is on. It is turning out closer to what I wanted than anything else I've painted; if I don't mess it up, I should be able to list it in a week or so.

It's less folk art than my other pictures. I hope I'm still this pleased with it when I'm done.

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