Thursday, May 27, 2004

Psych at Night

Wow. It's been a very busy day so far. I love the way time flies when I'm busy.

This weekend I will be working inpatient psych (my second job). Two nights, 11-7, Friday and Saturday. I'm sure I'll be exhausted (especially since I will be working HERE 8-5 Friday as well) but it will really help pay off those lingering divorce bills (the evil ex -- who makes a 6 figure salary -- couldn't be bothered to pay for any of the bills he was awarded in the divorce and pays nothing more than the child support pittance...and even then I had to garnish him. I've taken it to court, but it's very slow going). And $200 (after taxes) for 8 hours is wonderful.

Nights are kind of fun on the psych unit. Mostly people sleep. When someone gets up, they get medication and then (hopefully) go back to sleep. There's about 2 hours of paperwork, maybe 30 minutes of patient interaction, and the rest of the time I get to read. Can't beat it!

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