Monday, May 17, 2004

World Premiere Movie Night

My son took "Film Studies" as one of his high school classes this year. The students were split into small groups and assigned the task of making a film...tonight we got to watch 20 student films. Each group got 15 minutes, had to write their own script, act it out and film it. They also did story boards, costumes, etc.

Einstein's Theory of Relativity as it relates to time certainly was aptly illustrated. I don't know when I have spent a longer 3 hours. One actually had all the elements hang together pretty well, but most were eminently forgettable.

However, one of the scenes in one of the movielets almost made it worth it. Imagine two chunky guys driving a Dunkin Donuts van, trying to pick up 3 hot girls...and then there's a flash to the chunkiest one shoving donuts into his mouth and drinking out of a half gallon milk carton in front of the Dunkin Donuts truck to the track of "I Touch Myself" while the girls watch in fascinated horror. Absolutely hilarious.

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