Thursday, July 08, 2004

And My Charts Will Go On (and on and on and on...)

Yes. I am still here. But my brain has turned to mush (much like a schizophrenic patient I once had, who believed his brain was rotting and he was constantly swallowing bits of it).

We will be ready for the site visit, providing we all survive it...each person I work with (though I love them dearly) has suddenly gone over the edge, each in his/her own special way, including me. :)

I can no longer multitask. I can no longer remember anything that I did to charts yesterday. All I can remember at any one time is the chart RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. And when you consider that I am still seeing my full load of patients...well...ok. I forgot where I was going with that.

But I will be better soon, when this marathon of madness is over. 4 nurses. 10000 charts. 6 administrators. 90 principle investigators. 14 site visitors. And it all boils down to 1 grant.


1 comment:

Rhodester said...

I second that ARRRRRGGGHHHH! and raise you a GWAHHHHH!!!

From the sound of it, I bet you really DO wish you were in Paris at a sidewalk cafe :-)