Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Elusive Hypnopotamus Part 1

Yikes! What a week. Although I've been at this job since October, this week my coworkers suddenly realized that I am a hypnotherapist, in addition to all the other things I do. It's a little surprising, since it's not like it's been a big secret.

When I took this job, the Big Boss was very interested in smoking cessation for the head and neck cancer patients who continue to smoke, even when all they've got to smoke with is a hole in their throats. However, the docs are SOOOO busy that it just kind of got pushed to the side until last week, when one of my coworkers started bemoaning the fact that the campus is now smoke free and she just couldn't kick her smoking habit. So I offered her a free hypnotherapy session (I NEVER charge friends or coworkers, but I do ask them to refer people to me).

If people haven't considered it before, apparently it's pretty scary. And when you consider that in many places (including this one) hypnotherapy is unregulated by any state agency, well, maybe it OUGHT to seem a little scary. You don't want just anyone giving you suggestions and directions in a vulnerable state, even if hypnotherapy doesn't make you do anything you really don't want to do. So, she had to think about it. And then she discussed it with everyone in the office.

I spent most of Monday explaining over and over again to different people exactly what happens and exactly what can be done with the aid of hypnotherapy (I'm pretty conservative. You can find some truly bizarre stuff out there -- but I personally do NOT believe that it can make parts of your body bigger. Maybe I can persuade you to THINK those bits are bigger...but they won't actually increase in size). I like to think of hypnotherapy as harnessing the power and strength that we all have when we don't rationalize it away or deny that we have it. So, lifestyle changes, simple phobias, stress relief, temporary pain relief are the majors. Plus I've been known to do "past life regressions" -- more on that later.

Anyway, once everyone figured out that maybe it was not scary, the original lady decided that she'd give it a whirl...and she was thrilled I suddenly became VERY popular. :)

So I did smoking cessation, weight loss, relief of food cravings, stress relief, and self esteem sessions all last week...seems like every free minute, before work, after work, and at lunch, was filled up with hypnotherapy sessions. Not even any time to blog, since it was also spring break and my son wanted to do stuff every night when I got home.

And the more sessions I did, the more desireable they became, until after work on Friday, I did a mass session with 6 people who just couldn't wait til next week.

And the clinic director is suddenly seeing dollar signs...


Gone Away said...

It sounds to me as though you're becoming a goldmine. Will you see any of the money generated?

Jodie said...

We still have to work that out. :) Doesn't matter, though, they can't schedule me for more than 1 or 2 per day or I won't get all my other stuff done. And I think I find it almost as relaxing as my patients do.