Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Ultimate Cleverness

I can't remember dates. I detested history thoughout school (except for those few teachers who were all about the concepts and the actions instead of exact timeframes). I had trouble remembering my own birthday until I was a young adult. Couldn't tell you what day I was married on (which turned out to be OK, actually, since it's not an anniversary I want to celebrate). I know Mom's birthday is in June, because that's her middle name. I can usually get the months right, but I have to write them in my calendar each year (although that doesn't always help either). My friends know they have to remind me; my sister calls me with reminders of family birthdays.

It's probably more a blessing than a curse, though -- I'm such an old softie that I'd probably cry every day if I connected dates to tragedies. The people who love me, love me in spite of the fact that I can't remember their special days without assistance.

My daughter somehow figured this out before she was born. And out of all available dates, she picked the only one I might remember -- 3/3. She had to show up early to get it done, but hey! It worked out -- I have never, ever forgotten her birthday even once.

My daughter doesn't look much like her relatives on either side of the family. She's a tiny little person with a great big uncomplicated personality...she can go someplace she's never been before, and by the end of the day she has lifelong friends...she's comfortable in just about any situation and whatever she is feeling is right there on her face. In that way, she's much like Dad, whose gift for gab is legendary (must be that teeny bit of Irish ancestry).

Happy Birthday Alex!


Rusty said...

We people with Irish ancestry do have an affinity for talkitiveness (roar, new word).

Too bad I am an average holder of my alcohol. Got Native American in my blood too, shot that straight to hell.

Tell her happy birthday from the stranger on the internet!

Jodie said...

We're Cherokee, so I know exactly what you mean. :D

Gone Away said...

I can't remember dates either. But I'm worse than you are - I can't see why they're important!

But happy birthday, Jodie's daughter, anyway. ;)

Harry said...

I dislike Elvis with a passion, Jodie. Probably the only one on the planet who does, so why do I remember January 8th, and only two other dates? (one being mine and another, a sister's)

Keeefer said...

I can never remember dates either, much to the annoyance of my many siblings. Maybe its the hippy in me that just cant accept that we need to be bothered with how many times the earth spins round.
The party animal in me sees the need to celebrate everything possible though so.....

Happy birthday to little Jodie