Friday, April 15, 2005

How the Heck Do People Get Hooked on this Stuff?

My hip hurts. It's been hurting since the day after Dad died (which was also the same day the guy I'd been seeing for the past 4 years moved to Florida). At first (being a psych nurse and all, and the timing the way it was) I thought it was psychosomatic. But as time went on and it hurt more, I decided to go to the MD.

For those of you who aren't nurses and don't know any nurses, it's probably important to know that if you're in that profession, you are the least likely person to go to the doctor. Well...that's not quite true -- doctors are probably worse about not seeing doctors. But not by much. And they can write their own prescriptions.

First the doc sent me to Physical Therapy...which is expensive and hasn't helped. The pain is now so intense that it's almost impossible to walk to the building PT is the next step was to have an MRI.

Thank goodness I am not claustrophobic and find small enclosed places comfortable. For 30 minutes I lay perfectly still inside a tube (with at most 2 inches of space between the tip of my nose and the inside of the tube) with all sorts of noisy clanking, buzzing, and hammering sounds assaulting my ears even with the ear plugs the tech was kind enough to supply. I kept my eyes closed after I realized that the inside of the tube was grimy. EEUWW.

I am still waiting for the results. In the meantime, my doc gave me some of the same stuff that Rush Limbaugh got into trouble with. And I don't understand why anyone would want to take drugs like this any longer than they have to. It barely takes the edge off my pain, I'm so fuzzy I can barely think, and I believe it contributed to the funk I was in yesterday.

I'd much rather be addicted to something that allows me to visit Wonderland, ride with Aragorn, run away from homicidal Luggage, or dance with Darcy.

Oh wait. I already am -- I'm addicted to books. Who needs any other mind expander?


Jodi said...

Books are my drug of choice as well. And I can put it down and come back to it later. :)

Gone Away said...

I always thought that about alcohol...

But I agree with you about the books!

Ned said...

I find the problem with MRIs is that the more someone warns me, "try not to move at all" the more I find parts of my body involuntarily starting to dance to the syncopated rhythm of the MRI steel drum band. "bonk bonk, dong dong dunk dong, dunk, gonk" It's crazy man.

Jay said...

Every day, I like you so much better!
No matter what malady I may ever has, no doctor will get me in an MRI without completely sedating/knocking me out first.

Keeefer said...

yes please.

I agree though they have to have a purpose. Im all up for opiate based remedies....though after a serious operation i was on a morphene drip for about 7 days. The trip got so intense i begged the nurse to take me off it....i just needed to come down and get my bearings, i was in a bad way losing at cards to the fruit and holding meaningful conversations with the curtains...i came down realised i was on a drip because some madman, weilding a very sharp knife, had nearly removed my arm and grafted a muscle over my shoulder. In between the violent screams of agony i begged the same nurse to reinstall the drip.....she said she couldnt, i'd need a doctor, and he wouldnt be on for another 8 she gave me paracetamol....bless her.

Glod said...

I feel that running from the luggage wouldn't be all that effective. Anyway, you can't prove it's homicidal, they could simply be where the laundry goes.