Friday, April 29, 2005

Scrabble Fodder

My best friend has invited Rog and me to her house for Scrabble this weekend.

Scrabble has much less to do with how many words you know and much more to do with strategy, placement, and doing your best to deny your opponent a good opening.

I know lots of words. But Bev and Don (her companion) must channel Alexander the Great as they are masters at strategy. And I value the times I've managed to win, because I've really had to work for it.

So Rog and I will, more than likely, be mere fodder for the Scrabble masters.

The real point of all this, though (besides having a tremendously good time) is Bev's Hair Test.

If Rog doesn't make Bev's hair go up, then he's probably safe to keep dating...Bev's ability to pick out scary weirdnesses in people is amazing (my guess is that Rog will pass with flying colors). When I was married, she figured out my husband was having an affair without even having met him. When she DID meet him, her hair went up (at the time, I wasn't a true believer, and brushed it off...but I shouldn't have). She's not infallible -- but she's damn good.


Rusty said...

I hate scrabble... I know plenty of words but no strategy.

I hate losing too, so I just stop playing after losing too many times :-D

Jodie said...

Aha! So you are Scrabble fodder too! :D

Leann said...

I love Scrabble. It's always a challenge to make words out of nothing. Strategy...I'm suppose to use strategy?? No wonder I lose all the time!!

Have fun and kick some tail!!

Gone Away said...

I am no great fan of Scrabble but become intensely competitive when I play it. It's supposed to be my area of expertise, you see, and so I just cannot afford to have my reputation with words dented by a loss. I become sly and scheming, always looking for a word that will enable me to get rid of all my letters and so establish an unassailable lead. As a result, nobody will play with me now, which suits me fine because the tension and fear of losing is just too much for my old nerves. ;)

It sounds as though you have an excellent secret weapon in Bev's hair. Could not this whole process be shortened by running potential suitors past her right from the outset?

Jodie said...

Gone, I am working at developing my OWN hair reaction. It's just not nearly as good as hers (mine actually works best for whether or not someone would be a good study participant). Plus (since I think the total was 12 before I decided on Rog) I think Bev would get tired of a constant parade of men. :D

Leann, I didn't realize there was strategy to it either until I started playing with Bev and Don. Which in a way is a good thing, because I don't have to feel bad about losing when I am TERRIBLE at strategy!

Ned said...

When my sister used to visit from Pennsylvania we would spend long nights that lasted into the wee hours of the morning playing Scrabble. Strategy of course is key and she was a tough competitor. Years of playing the best always hones your skills and I too, find few will play Scrabble with me anymore, except perhaps my sister and the occasional person who doesn't mind losing because it isn't the game they are interested in.

The best part about Scrabble is that it teaches you a lot of new words starting with X and Z and it also teaches you to think in more than one direction at once, a key survival strategy in life. How he reacts to winning and losing is a good way to find out about him too.

Jodie said...

I hadn't thought about that, but you are exactly right. The exhusband and the exfiancee were both the type who get angry when they lose...which is NOT my type. :D

Cori said...

I am not good at games only because I hate losing. I will even try to cheat if I have to.Its a sickness.

kath red said...

that is some handy friend. love reading your blog.

Keeefer said...

Just a thought.

Does Bev wear nylon tights and do her legs rub together when she walks?

If so then changing the tights to silk will solve the hair issue

As i said just a thought.

What do you mean i missd the point?

Jay said...

Jason and I are ultra competitive. We'll play almost anything as long as the outcome has a clear winner. I am the winner 99% of the time; on the rare occasion that Jason wins, we stay inside with the doors locked. It doesn't take hair standing up to see a sign!

Glod said...

I find hair tends to raise during thunder storms. Should be a worrying thing really, but a great conversasion piece.

Rhodester said...

You crazy kids and your scrabble.. you stay out of trouble now, and I want you HOME by MIDNIGHT!

**walks away grumbling about what a bad influence "that BEV" has become**

Lita said...

I know I have various versions of Scrabble colleting dust in the closet. We used to play a lot when the kids were little but board games have lost their allure.

For the past few years my daughter has bought me some variation of Trivial Pursuit yet no one will play the game with me, especially the Pop Culture version. My daughter finally bought me the computer version so I can play alone. What fun that is.

***I agree with Kath Red, Bev is a handy friend to have around.

dick said...

I have the same intuition about people but it's not my hair that goes up.

Penelope Marzec said...

I don't like games, with Scrabble as the only exception. I LOVE Scrabble. However, my husband is a worthy opponent and usually wins because while I am all excited about putting together lovely, long words--he is planning his strategy to get nothing but Triple Word Scores!

We have friends who play with us sometimes, Bill and Mary. Mary cheats. She plays Scrabble like Poker. She dares you to challenge her. She has a Scrabble dictionary with some very strange words in it.

Anonymous said...

I second and third the motion that Bev is very, very valuable to have around. What I want is a friend who will just leave the room and put her hair up in a french twist to signal to me that the guy I'm with is bad news. How long does it take for her reaction to occur:)?
Third Degree Nurse

prying1 said...

My wife and I play a friendly game of Scrabble (reg. TM) - We try to open it up for each other, (use open dictionary to find words, Set up for optimum use of Z & Q, and add our scores together at the end trying to top our previous high score.

In essence we gang up against the game itself.