Wednesday, March 08, 2006

No good news -- Jeron still has no gag reflex, no pain reflex, little pupil reflex, and is breathing with the aid of a vent. More tests tonight, and my daughter and her husband are here.

In the past few days, I've begun to question my own kids' emotional stability. Well, that's not entirely true -- Alex is very free with her emotions, thoughts, and feelings, so it's never very difficult to know what her mood is and what she wants or needs...and she doesn't just give up if she doesn't get what she needs, either. She will get it one way or another. She is a very caring person, though, so she never tramples others to get her needs met.

Gavin, on the other hand, rarely ever shares his inner landscape (although he, too, is an obviously caring individual). If Alex is a force of nature, Gavin is the immovable object. A struggle of wills between these two is like witnessing worlds collide.

Since I figured he wouldn't tell me he was depressed even if I asked, I told him he was never allowed to commit suicide, hoping to determine his thoughts on the subject by his reaction to the question.

I shouldn't have worried.

Raised eyebrow, extremely surprised look: "Mom, why would I ever do that? Oh, wait...what if...[furrowed brow]what if...[suddenly speaking faster, words gushing out] what if I were captured by evil Commie Overlords and I alone knew the key chemical combination to make a biotoxin that would kill millions, and they were torturing me, and I was afraid I'd break down and give it to them...could I kill myself then?"

I gave him the Mom Look instead of an answer. But if it came to that, then yes, Gavin, you may kill yourself to save the Entire Free World. But even then, I'll still be mad at you.

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Leann said...

Your Gavin sounds like quite a character!

LOL...the "Mom" look.