Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Art on ebay

Well, I got my picture up on ebay last night after much fiddling around. Listed it for a little more this time; I certainly spent the time on it, so why not? Maybe I'll get lucky. I am certainly not the most technically proficient person painting out there, but my paintings do look different from other things I'm seeing. And I suppose if I continue to paint, my technique will get better. Bev and I are going to art class tonight; I am sure we will piss off our well-known painter "teacher" (he can paint but he sure can't teach) yet again. :)


CeeGee said...

Under what listing can we find your art on Ebay? Sounds very interesting.... I like the thought of the Dryad pic


Jodie said...

Hi CeeGee! My two ebay names are researchrabbit and moon_woman_art. :) Thanks for the interest!

Anonymous said...

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