Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'll Take a Little Cheese with my Whine

Warning: Whine ahead. You've been warned.

Most of the nurses I know do not go to see the doctor unless they are in dire straits, and I am no exception. In addition, I have a streak of stoicness (is that a word?) and stubbornness when it comes to pain. But I have finally come to the point where I can barely function.

I would have thought that either natural childbirth or the impaired dentist who drilled my tooth with fake Novocaine (who has since been jailed and lost his licence) would have qualified for the "10" rating on the pain scale. My hip, though, is much, much worse. Two days ago, I stepped wrong and almost passed out (luckily I was with Rog and he was quick enough on the uptake to catch me before I fell. Thank God). I'm still going to work but once I get to my office, it's difficult just to get to the copier down the hall. Walking in from handicapped parking takes forever, and sometimes I can't help crying as I hobble because the pain is so severe.

Even with all this, the soonest the MD can do anything for me is the 16th of May. And that may not work. It's all very distressing, and I can't understand WHY it takes so long when I hurt this much.

It's harder every day to be positive, optimistic, and upbeat. But I'm trying.


Meepers said...

Hang in there!

Personally, I didn't think could be anything worse than childbirth, but hey, what do I know.

Leann said...

Hang in there dear. I know how frustrating it can be. I have a daughter with myasthenia and it always amazes me what the doctors consider an "o.k." amount of time before she sees them. Sometimes it's pretty scary!

Chick said...

They are going to make you wait THAT long????

Kick some ass...make them see you NOW!

Gone Away said...

You are a brave, brave lady. It amazes me that you manage to keep such good humor even through such pain. Surely you should take some time off work?

Jodie said...

I'd take time off work if I could, but I don't know how long this is going to go on -- and since I missed so much time at the beginning of the year, after Dad died, I only have two weeks now that I can take off. As long as I can get here, I will (gotta pay for this health insurance!). :) I've tried EVERYTHING to get in any sooner...the guy who's doing the procedure works 4 offices down from me, so he sees me almost every day -- it's not as though he doesn't understand. Part of the holdup is the insurance company and the other part is that the MDs here are terribly busy. I see that in my own clinic.

Leann said...

If you don't mind my asking Jodie, what is wrong with your hip(s)?

Jodie said...

There is a cyst growing in the joint, but there's also one on the other side (exact place and size) that's not causing any pain, so it's hard to say if the cyst is the problem or if inflammation is the problem. So I get a cortisone injection on the 16th and maybe that will help and maybe it won't. If it doesn't, then later the doc will try to aspirate the cyst. If THAT doesn't work, I get to have laparoscopic surgery to remove it and if THAT doesn't work, then it's a new titanium hip for me. :) Keep your fingers crossed that the cortisone will do the trick.

Leann said...

Ouch. Well, I certainly hope the cortisone does the trick for you!!
Prayers and good vibes out to ya!

Jodie said...


Keeefer said...

Jodie, opt for the surgery, get it cut out that way you will know if its the issue without all the painful hanging about.
I feel for you. Ive had some serious pain in my few years kickin about on this planet and its ....well painful.

Can you not get a wheelchair for moving about on? Failing that what about rollerskates? what about rollerskates with rockets strapped to them like wile e coyote? Man that would rock, it may not stop the pain but the journey to the photocopier would be a lot more interesting.

Hope the pain recedes one way or the other.

Jodie said...

Rollerskates with rockets! Wow! I'd get to the office in NO time!

kath red said...

oh dear, you poor thing. and here was i whining about kids and housework. keep your chin up, but maybe you should take some time off work too. am thinking about you

Ned said...

I know how it is to live with chronic pain and how it is to have to keep working for insurance and other considerations. I hope at least they are keeping you primed with something that helps the inflammation and pain, and hang in there. I don't envy you the injection either. Does your employer cover any short term disability time with pay?

I work with someone who has had both hips replaced recently. All I can say is she looks a lot more comfortable than she did before.

Jay said...

My aunt just had her hip replaced, and holy cow, I've never seen anyone recover so quickly! She's been running around like crazy after 2 years of suffering like you are.

I know chronic pain is no fun to live with. I've been having issues with my back for 2 years now, which is a bummer because you use your back for pretty much everything, and there is no relief when sitting or even lying down. I have had 3 surgeries to date, and things still aren't right, so I hope that your solution will come quickly. Best of luck.

Lita said...
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Lita said...

My mother-in-law had her hip replaced and she couldn't believe she had waited so long. She also stood three inches taller after the surgery. :)

P.S. I wish Blogger would just let the poster edit instead of having to delete and report.

Keeefer said...

A friend of mine has had both her hips replaced (shes only just turned 30 too) and shes now totaly addicted to riding motorbikes.....i have no idea if this is a common side effect but im sure Rog would approve.

Meepers said...

I can't believe how many of us have lived with or know someone who lived with chronic pain of some sort! What fragile creatures we are! And yet here's Jodie, pushing through - going to work everyday and keeping her sense of humor. I know it isn't much comfort, but at least when this is all over, you won't actually remember what the pain felt like, just that you had it. Keep pluggin', lady, we're rootin' for ya.

Jodie said...

All of you are so kind -- that in itself helps so much. :) Thank you!

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