Monday, June 13, 2005

Adventures in Housekeeping

The pain got worse. So much so, that the doc found time in his busy schedule to perform another procedure last Monday.

It seems to have worked, although I have to say that the side effects of the conscious sedation lasted a lot longer this time. I managed to make it to work a couple of days last week, but that was about it...all I could manage was sleep.

Today I am almost pain free, for the first time in months. And this weekend, also for the first time in months, I CLEANED. I cleaned because I could walk, and bend, and move, and it didn't hurt. Of course, the crowd of people standing in the front yard with torches and pitchforks yelling "UNCLEAN! MONSTER! UNCLEAN!" had nothing to do with it.

There are plenty of people who could tell you what a lax housekeeper I am. This came to fruition about my second year of being married when I realized that he was never going to pick up his own dirty socks -- and I detest dirty socks -- so my philosophy became "if there aren't any bugs, and it's not a fire hazard, then it's OK". Then I had another 18 years or so in which I perfected this way of living...although, any time anyone else (like, gee, that guy I was married to who was the father of these kids and who insisted I work fulltime, cook all the meals and do all the laundry) was willing to help clean, I was all over it. But if no one else was willing, why should I do it all?

Once I had my own space, though, it was better; but it was also worse. Better, because my attitude was better, but worse because I now had two children, two dogs, and a cat. And the kids were slightly worse at cleaning than the cat, and only slightly better than the dogs.

Throughout this whole leg pain affair, it's been Gavin, the dogs, the cat, and me. I couldn't do much, and if you've ever had teenagers, you'll know that in order to get them to do housework, they require either a) a lot of nagging or b) the ability on the part of the parent to enforce draconian measures.

I'm not good at either of those. While (mostly) the trash got carried out, and (mostly) the dishes got done, and (mostly) the height of the grass in the yard did not exceed 6 inches...well...nothing else was done except for the odd loads of laundry.

And just to set the record straight, Gavin's sister Alex was much, MUCH worse before she married. So I have to believe, for his future wife's sake, that it is strictly a teenager thing.

Both dogs have been shedding, and once I was finally able to vacuum, I think I acquired enough hair to make 5 more dogs about the size of Labradors. This is really impressive, because both of them still appear to have as much as they started with. In a couple of hidden corners, I found spiders had made homes and had started substantial graveyards of discarded insect parts. The patio was still covered in the last of the winter leaves, books covered every available surface (you can also substitute "dust" for "books")...and, well, you get the picture.

Plus my piles of tile are still waiting to be laid...and if I'm still feeling well in a week or two, that's next (I really don't want to get that started and have to quit in the middle).

There are a couple of really good things that happened because of this. One is that I really, really enjoyed cleaning over the weekend -- and it's been a long time since that was the case. The other thing is that Rog did not run away screaming...and over the past month has spent time with me in my house, despite the fact that he has allergies and drifts of dog hair were thick on the floor. He must be as smitten as I am.


Jay said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better but remember not to overdo it or this reprieve may be temporary!

Leann said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better.

You never realize how nice it is to feel well until you feel icky.

Like jay tho...don't overdue.


Meepers said...

I third that motion - don't put too much on your plate!

But I know exactly how nice it can be to suddenly be able to move. I gained so much weight during my pregnancy that literally the last six weeks it was all I could to just to get dinner made and take a shower some days. Then, two days after we came home (which was five days after the c-section) I made spaghetti sauce and chili from scratch. At the same time. My mother almost had a nervous breakdown helping me clean up.

Hopefully Rog feels like mowing here and there? Yes?

Lita said...

Welcome back to the blog world Jodie. Glad to have you back.

I'm with Jay, Leeann, and Meepers, don't overdue it. At least you are feeling better and your pain is subsiding.

I sympathize with the battle of the dog hair that has a way of overtaking your home. I have two pugs and a MacKenzie River Husky. Anyone who says that pugs do not shed is someone who is trying to get rid of a pug.

I solved the hair problem by getting fawn colored carpeting which matches my fawn colored pugs.

Harry said...

Um...I was gunna ask someone to go get me a beer, but I think I'm out-numbered here.

Keeefer said...

Well Jodie if yer gonna get Harry one..........

Ned said...

Glad you're up and about. Only do the housework necessary to keep the Board of Health away.

I don't have an excuse for my house being like that (or worse) except that I know that if it ever starts to look too nice, I will end up having to move and I don't want to miss it.

HypnoKitten said...

I'm glad to hear you feel better. Cleaning has always been sort of theraputic for me. Hopefully seeing things cleaned up a bit makes you feel better too.

Penelope Marzec said...

I clean best when I'm really mad at someone or something. Then I get it done quickly.

Cleaning can wait.

Jodie said...

I am still doing well -- and Rog has offered to help with the lawn -- but it's really Gavin's job, so I'll keep nagging, much as I hate to do that. :)