Monday, August 29, 2005

I MUST be Really Wicked...

because I'm not getting much rest these days!

I had a monitoring visit last week for my device study (the one I can't talk about due to HIPPA laws and industry privacy laws), but there's nothing that says I can't talk about the monitoring visits.

For a monitoring visit, the company sends someone out (this time, a young guy from Saskatchewan) who looks over my books, compares my stuff to the hospital and clinic chart, finds all the inconsistencies and errors, and also looks over the "critical documents" binder (already 6 inches thick) to make sure I have everything I'm supposed to have.

This sound complex, and harrowing, and a lot of work...but "harrowing" is a function of how easygoing the monitor is, and this guy was delightful, so it wasn't bad. The biggest problem was accessing all the charts.

Our campus is huge. A friend and I were trying to figure out the other day how big it is and I think we finally decided on 20 city blocks...when I worked in Kansas, the University was actually bigger as far as number of rooms and size of hospitals, but was crammed into about 6 city blocks. Which I think is the biggest culture shock people have when they visit -- everything is so spread out here.

Anyway, the hospitals and clinics no longer allow charts leave their premises (once upon a time you could check them out to anyplace on campus) we had to travel to 4 different buildings (none close to each other) because the patient had records at all four of those places.

Since I couldn't really just turn this poor guy out into the campus wilderness where there are no signs to tell you where you are going, and no way an employee can park anywhere other than assigned without getting a $20 ticket, we walked. And walked. And walked some more. Since I haven't been able to walk much this year with all the problems, I can't tell you how TIRED and sore I felt until today.

The monitoring went all right, though, and the next patient will be easier.

My other good news is that my daughter is visiting from San Diego and will be here for another few days!


Running2Ks said...

That system sounds unwieldy. I'm glad you are up for a happy visit soon :)

Rhodester said...

I don't get a monitor at my work-
thank goodness.

What part of San Diego does she live in? I was down there for about ten years, and I'm quite familiar with it. Jodie, if you're ever out this way to visit her, we MUST meet for coffee!

Jodie said...

Dave, I'm going to be in Dana Point (and thereabouts) from Sept 11 to the 15th. :D Coffee sounds great!

Rhodester said...

HA! It's a date :-) Can you pop over to Huntington Beach for a spell so's we could go to one of our favorite haunts? Or maybe we could take you to Ruby's on the pier (don't worry, it's just a diner, not expensive)- I'd imagine you don't see much of the pac ocean in Oklahoma.

Drop me an email so I can send you my cell number.