Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Define "Boring"

Gavin: Mom, would you buy me a copy of Dante's Inferno?

Me: Sure. Do you need it for school?

Gavin: No, but my psychology class is really boring...and if I hide it inside my textbook, then Mrs. Harris won't realize I'm actually reading something else.
Besides, I've always wanted to read it.


Gavin has the most surprising choices of reading material (the last thing he asked me to buy was the Tao Te Ching)...and yes, I bought it. If he wants to read The Inferno instead of listening to the high school psychology teacher expound on telekinesis (yes, that was one of their units), then I'm all for that.


Steve said...

Telekinesis??? What's the next unit? Magic?

Yeah, you're getting your money's worth from the public schools.

Paranoid Android said...

My friend who does psychology learned about ESP. I did some of those test card things and found that I am of average psychic ability, which I presume means none

Birdy said...

I wish I'd thought of that, then I wouldn't have had to listen to lectures about the ways people relive birth trauma throughout their lives... in a psychiatric nursing class!

What a good son.

Permission said...

I did that too in school...from boredom. at least it is something constructive...and what a strong mind to want to read that.

by the way, i have a new blog--not on blogger but wordpress.
if you're interested, stop by:

Time Waits For No one said...

Thank you for your comment concerning my photos... I didn't know how to reply to you... it's very kind of you... and your french is pretty good... kisses from France to Oklahoma where I've never been (did I say That right ?)