Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anyone Home?

Gee, it's kind of dark and echo-y. It's been a long time. There are cobwebs in the corners.

Things have changed a lot, but at the same time, in many ways things haven't changed at all.

I miss this place. I miss the people who used to sometimes meet me here. I'm not quite sure why I stayed away so long, and I'm not quite sure that I won't disappear again.

But I think it's time to write a bit more.


Maureen said...

Glad to hear you're back.

Jodie said...


coffeesister |_|) said...

Welcome back! Do stay this time, even if sporadically. I'm the queen of sporadic blogging but finally determined to change that this month.

As my 3rd & final blog emerged from the ether during your absence, you were never added to my blogroll but that will be remedied immediately.

|_|) "Your absence of mind we have borne, till your presence of body came to be called in question by it." ~ Charles Lamb

Adin said...

WHOOT!!!!! Fired up, and happy to see you on the board again. Welcome home!