Saturday, February 26, 2005

Boys' Night In

There is nothing quite like 15 year old geeky boys. They talk constantly, eat like a plague of locusts, and can play video games for endless hours.

The latest obsession is the "who beats who" game.

This started about 3 months ago, when they stayed up all night alternating drawing pictures of the ultimate end of the universe, only to have it topped by the next kid.

Currently, this is manifested by one scraggly bearded gangly teen yelling out two random names...and then, as quickly as possible, another one proclaiming the winner. Then they argue about it until another pairing occurs to them.

So far today...

"Elvis vs. Mr. T" Elvis wins by a narrow margin, due to the fact he was in the military.

"Elvis vs. Godzilla" Surprisingly enough, Elvis wins this round too, mainly because the Elvis supporter distracts the Godzillaphile with a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie.

"Nixon vs. Attila the Hun" Attila wins when they decide he was probably trickier than Tricky Dick.

"Attila the Hun vs. Napoleon" Attila again -- apparently Napoleon is wimpy in comparison.

"Mr. T vs. Arnold Scharzenegger" He may be the Governator, but he lost this round -- Mr. T is just much, much cooler.

"Mr. T vs. Gary Coleman" Mr. T was looking pretty good until Gary Coleman was allowed to bring in Elvis to help (no one is really sure how that happened).

"The Supreme Court vs. a rhino" The rhino wins...the telling point? "Republicans and Democrats working together? ARE YOU KIDDING?"

I don't recall 15-year-old boys being nearly this much fun (or talking anywhere close to this much) when I was a 15-year-old girl.

More later -- I have to go on another cookie run before the natives get restless.


Gone Away said...

There is just no way I can let that pass. The great Arnie beats all comers, including Mr T (who only had a silly hairdo to back up his claims). Arnie is the greatest, he is da Terminator! (hang I sounding like a 15 year old kid here.....? Ooops)

Harry said...

I'm more surprised to hear my wife comment over my shoulder, "Oh, I know that game." And she adds, it usually degerates into "My dad can whup yer dad", followed by a huge pillow fight, so hurry with the cookies.

Jodie said...

Harry, I know it's sad, but out of three boys, only one has a Dad who's willing to be a part of his life. So dads don't come up in the conversation much...but they DID have a round of chasing each other with spatulas in the back yard...maybe that's more manly than pillows...:)