Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wisconsin Mongeese

Geeky 15 year olds are soooo much fun.

Gavin's current lifeplans include becoming the first Communist rapper...my first clue: "Mom, what rhymes with proletariat?"

His theory is that Communism should make a comeback any day now, only this time it'll be cool because it's nostalgic and retro. (I can just imagine Lenin spinning fast enough to supply the entire city of Moscow with free electric power).

Maybe Red Rap will supplant that gangsta stuff.

He and his cousin, Marti, plan to have a hit single right away, break up, and then get back together in 10 years with another hit single. And then go on tour for the rest of their lives. Wisconsin Mongeese? That's the name of their group.

Not a bad plan when you consider that when he was 5, Gavin wanted to grow up to be a frog, live in my backyard, and eat bugs.


Gone Away said...

That is hilarious, Jodie; I'm still grinning from ear to ear. And there may be something in that: red rap. I love it! LOL

Jodie said...

You ought to hear him -- it's even funnier...

mr. kyle said...

I'm not so sure the frog idea wasn't promising.