Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Root Canal

OK, it was not MY root canal. But it was my kid's, so in that case I really would have rather had it myself. Sort of.

He was in pain all weekend. The dentist agreed to see him this morning. I hadn't thought it would be anything quite so big (or expensive, sigh, I am so glad I am getting a refund this year).

Gavin, however, thought it was OK. The dentist gave him the happy gas and then plenty of numbing shots (he says he can't feel anything on the lower half of his face).

Afterwards, Gav was drooling so much that I thought it best not to send him back to school (drooling through physics, calculus and English is probably not going to win any friends in high school, and Gavin is not your run-of-the-mill kid anyway, even among the "different" kids). Now he's ready to have a root canal every day if it means he misses school.

Speaking of his English class, the teacher has decided that Gavin is the King of Debate for 4th block. So he has a tiara and a scepter (which sounds suspiciously like a magic wand) to wear during debates in class. I would have thought this would have embarrassed him but he thinks it's utterly cool (apparently he is the first male to win the honor, so the tiara has never previously been called into question).

This seems odd to me because he is very shy and says little. The only exception is if you can get him on a which case he is not only very good at expressing himself, but also very funny.

Anyway, that's my Valentine's Day. No romance, no flowers, and I have to make dinner (unless Gavin makes Hamburger Helper before I get home -- maybe making dinner isn't so bad...).


Gone Away said...

The King of Debate, huh? Does that mean he argues a lot...?

Jodie said...

If he thinks he can get out of something (especially school), YES! :) Otherwise he's rarely a problem. But apparently in that class he's having a great time pushing his points.