Sunday, June 06, 2004

Aftermath of Night Shift

It always feels so strange to sleep until noon or one...I really am a morning person. But after I've stayed up all night, I'm so tired I can't stay up any more. :) Luckily I can get lots of reading done on psych ward nights...and I'd probably get in about 6-7 hours of reading ANYWAY on the weekend, so why not get paid an exorbitant wage to do it?

So, I finally got up. Still haven't cleaned, but I did get to Walmart (or Wal-fart, as my brother says) so that Gavin and his friends can have plenty of food for the first week off school.

They love to come to my house because I usually have lots in the fridge and cupboards (Dan has 4 brothers -- all older -- and I understand it is just like having a plague of locusts in the house all the time...having watched my 5'1" 100 lb daughter put away immense quantities of food, it is a little scary to think about how much 5 6"+ guys can eat). Plus Brian's mom is not working and is digging out from under a divorce...and Brian is awfully skinny. But that could just be part of being a 15-year-old post-growth spurt.

It is very odd having these formerly shorter-than-me guys be suddenly towering over me with deep voices and facial hair.

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