Wednesday, June 02, 2004

TB Testing

Every year, if you are in healthcare, you have to have a TB test. Just a little blub of stuff shot right under the skin, and then someone has to look at it in two days (if you're really busy on the day you're due to have it read, another nurse or doctor where you work can't read it -- only an Employee Health employee, even though we ALL know what to look for). If you work at more than one place, you'll probably have to a test for each place (at least that's been my experience). Plus if you take enough of these tests, at some point, you'll probably test positive, just from the test itself.

While I wouldn't want to get TB, and I'm glad there are some safeguards in place, it seems like there ought to be a better way.

Yes, I had to take an hour out of my day today to go get the silly test.

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