Monday, June 14, 2004

Hyperinsulinemia & Phototherapy Acupuncture

Got the results of my oral glucose tolerance test back. It all looks good except...I had high fasting insulin, a possible precursor to diabetes. So, looks like the test was valuable after all.

My goals NOW are to decrease sugar and carbs which create heightened glucose (goodbye potatoes...the Irish in me must crave them...hello whole wheat). Good thing I'm going to go pick blueberries this weekend; that's one of the better ones.

More protein, fewer carbs, less fat, more fiber, more leafy green vegetables, and MORE EXERCISE!

The last thing I want (ok, the next-to-last thing I want -- the last thing would be my exhusband) is diabetes.

I got to see my friend Bev this weekend (I have two Bevs in my life; work Bev and play Bev -- this one is play Bev). She has a herniated disk and is trying to avoid back surgery. So she has taken up light therapy acupuncture. She has a book which delineates all the acupuncture/acupressure points, and she has an infrared light that she uses instead of needles (apparently this is used on racehorses and is now being used on people). Weird science? Maybe. I try to keep an open mind. Anyway, she did a therapy session with me since I have one arthritic knee and sometimes my hands ache when the weather changes (possible arthritis but tests were inconclusive so who knows). Bev tells me it takes several weeks to know if it's going to work. Heck, why not? Noninvasive and gives us something else to talk about.

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