Saturday, June 05, 2004

Morning Headache

Last night after work, all of us nurses went out for dinner and's been YEARS (really) since I've had a drink -- my companion for a long time was a recovering alcoholic so I gave up what little I drank because that made it easier for him. And then just never starting drinking again when that ended.

But this place had frozen mango margaritas. So I had to try one -- and it wasn't a big one, either -- and this morning, I have a headache! Amazing. I had been thinking about a glass of red wine a day, as that's been proven to be healthful; but now I think I'll just stick with my aspirin a day (latest on that -- may help prevent diabetes and Alzheimer's in addition to stroke and heart attack). I love mangos, though. If we go out again, I'll have to get a virgin one.

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BlondGuy said...

I'm with you on the unpredictability of this... There are nights when I go out with friends and drink like a fish, and I usually feel great the next day. Then, there are nights when I have a few drinks only, and then stop, and wake up feeling like someone is banging a drum against my head. Even a single glass of red wine can do it. I admire people who can socialise without a drink; that's my long-term goal, and I think I'm getting there :o) Enjoy those virgin margaritas!