Monday, June 21, 2004

IVs & Me

The IV didn't go well Friday, but it wasn't horrible, either. Although I didn't get my optimum patient -- other than not being female, he was great -- he wasn't a little kid and he DID have hose-like veins. His best one was ante-cubital (bend of the arm) but he didn't want it there (can't blame him, really; having to keep your arm straight for 2 hours is the pits). So I tried for the wrist and missed. At that point Bev (the ex-surgery nurse) showed up unexpectedly and put it in the hand for me. So I got to practice but didn't have to stick him too many times. :) Plus he was sweet about it -- nice, because he's 19 and has that semi-sarcastic attitude that I think some boys adopt so they look tough. The test went well, all the equipment worked -- and -- another diabetic. But no trauma about it; he'd been testing blood sugars for awhile, so he already pretty much knew.

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